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April 2024

5 Ways Design and Multilingual DTP Enhance Your Brand's International Presence

Businesses are increasingly looking beyond borders to expand their reach and explore new markets....

March 2024

The Impact of Cultural Nuances on Content Translation in Social Media

Social media platforms are an excellent medium for communication, uniting people from various cultural ....

March 2024

Cracking the Code: How SEO and Social Media Content Translation Work Hand-in-Hand

Explore the combined effort of SEO and Social Media Content Translation, a powerful duo that offers global....

February 2024

7 Key Tips for Better Financial Translation

Translating financial documents is much more than just word-to-word translation. Preserving the essence of financial terminology......

February 2024

The Role of Financial Translation Services in Business

Due to the widespread use of the internet, national boundaries and cultural differences can no longer be a hindrance for......

January 2024

How to identify a professional translation company

There has never been a greater demand for accurate and culturally appropriate translations in today’s globalised society......

January 2024

Why Hire a Professional Language Services Provider

Global communication and collaboration have become the norm in our interconnected world.......

December 2023

8 Benefits of video remote interpreting for business

Discover the transformative power of Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) for your business.......

December 2023

Top 10 Highest-Paying Languages in the Translation Industry

Elevate your translation career and open doors to exciting opportunities.......

November 2023

The Long-Term ROI of Investing in Professional Translation Services

Businesses are reaching across national and international borders to access ......

November 2023

Communication Involves More Than Just Language

Communication is the cornerstone of the complicated process of human contact, ......

November 2023

Localization Takes Time and Money

Uncover the reasons behind why effective localization takes time......

November 2023

Common Challenges of Translation and Localization To Prepare For

Unlock the secrets to successful translation and localization by anticipating and overcoming......

October 2023

The ROI of Professional Translation: How Quality Translations Can Save You Money Long-Term

Discover the financial benefits of investing in professional translation services......

October 2023

5 Strategies for Reducing Word Count in Translation Projects

Translation projects are a critical component of global business and communication......

October 2023

When to Translate: A Guide to Assessing Your Translation Needs

Mastering Language Translation: A Guide to Determining Your Translation Requirements.....

October 2023

5 Ways To Reduce Translation Cost

Unlock the secrets to minimising language translation expenses with these practical tips.....

September 2023

Why Telugu translation is in demand?

Gain insights into the increasing demand for Telugu language translation services Explore....

September 2023

Bengali Translation Trends: Staying Informed in the Industry

Bengali Language Translation Current Trends Thats Shaping The World....

September 2023

Rising Demand for Tamil translation

In today's globalised world, communication knows no bounds. The internet has brought people from diverse cultures....

September 2023

Emerging Markets: Translating Hindi Content for Wider Reach

Language Localization: Expanding Hindi Translation of Content in Emerging Markets...

August 2023

German language translation: Unlocking Opportunities in Europe's Economic Powerhouse

Germany, the heart of Europe, is known for its remarkable economic prowess. As the largest economy in Europe and the fourth-largest in the ...

August 2023

The Growing Importance of Mandarin in Global Business

Discover how Mandarin Chinese is rapidly becoming a strategic tool for success in the global business arena. Explore its increasing significance, benefits, and impact on international commerce.

August 2023

Spanish: The Rising Demand in Localization and Impact on International Communication

Spanish, derived from Latin, has evolved over centuries to become a prominent global language..........

August 2023

The Global Reach of English: Dominance, Advantages, and Challenges

In today's interconnected world, the English language holds a position of remarkable influence and wide reach..........

July 2023

What are the benefits of human translation services?

In today's interconnected world, communication across languages is essential for global businesses, international cooperation,..........

July 2023

The Impact of AI Translation on Localization and Internationalization Strategies

In today's digital world, businesses are expanding their reach across borders and language barriers............

July 2023

Can AI Replace Human Translators? Debunking Myths

In our increasingly globalized world, translation is pivotal in facilitating communication across languages and...........

July 2023

Can Artificial Intelligence Change the Language Translation Services Industry in 2023?

The advent of artificial intelligence (AI) has undeniably brought significant advancements to various industries, including language translation services. ...........

June 2023

Empowering Employees: The Impact of Corporate Language Training on Professional Growth

Know how corporate language training programs can empower employees and foster their professional growth............

June 2023

The Future of English Corporate Language Training: Trends, Innovations, and Strategies

Uncover the latest trends, innovative approaches, and game-changing tools shaping the future of language training for corporate professionals..............

June 2023

Tips on How to Improve Language Skills at the Workspace

Language skills play a crucial role in the professional world, as effective communication is key to success in the workplace...............

June 2023

What are Corporate English Language Etiquettes and their Importance?

Corporate English language etiquette refers to the specific rules and guidelines that govern the use of the English language..............

May 2023

How to Develop a Localized App: Translation Process

>Developing a localized app involves a comprehensive translation process to adapt the app to different languages and cultures. This process requires careful planning..............

May 2023

Benefits of App Localization

App localization refers to adapting an application or mobile app to suit a specific target market or region's linguistic, cultural, and functional requirements..............

May 2023

What is App Localization?

Business translation refers to the process of translating business-related content, documents, and communication from one...............

May 2023

Best Translation Tips to Help Your Business

Business translation refers to the process of translating business-related content, documents, and communication from one...............

April 2023

Reasons Why Translation Is Important For Your Business

In today's globalised world, businesses are expanding their operations beyond their home countries to tap new markets. However, communicating...............

April 2023

Types of translation that your business needs

When it comes to translation services, it's important to understand that there are different types that may be relevant to your business...............

April 2023

Why learn translation in the age of machine translation

Advances in IT have touched all professions and the field of translation is no exception. The use of CAT (computer aided translation) tools..............

April 2023

Guide to localizing eLearning

In today's globalized world, eLearning has become an increasingly popular way of educating people worldwide...............

March 2023

How can eLearning Localization boost sales?

In today's competitive business environment, sales promotion is critical for companies to gain a competitive edge and increase revenue..............

March 2023

Need for e-Learning Localization

E-learning has become increasingly popular as a way to deliver education and training to learners around the world.............

March 2023

How to Choose A Content Agency for the Global Market

In today's digital age, content has become a vital component for businesses online presence. Just having a website is not enough-............

February 2023

Why language learning is important

The benefits of learning Foreign Languages are multiplying as the world gets more globalized and bilingualism/multilingualism is an important real-world talent............

February 2023

Tips and Tricks for learning a new language

As the world becomes ever more connected, the appeal of learning a new language is growing. Whether for business or pleasure, being able to communicate on an...........

February 2023

The need for Foreign Language Training in the Professional World

Language plays an important role in Corporate Communication and Customer Satisfaction in all kinds of businesses. Excellent communication skills and fluency in............

February 2023

Regional Languages in Today’s Marketing World

According to a FICCI-EY Media and Entertainment Sector Research released on March 26, Regional Languages will make up 60% of television consumption in 2025 from around 55% in 2020............

January 2023

Language Services in The Film and Entertainment Industry

According to the 2011 census, just 43.6% of Indians speak Hindi as their mother tongue, whereas 56.4% speak one of the other 1370 languages, including the 21 national languages with over a ..............

January 2023

Types and Importance of Text Summarization

Have you ever made a purchase on the basis of a product description or have clicked on an article because of the brief paragraph below its title? ..............

January 2023

How has Subtitling opened the doors for Regional Content

Subtitling allows you to reach a wide range of people and help them consume the content in a better way. Providing Subtitles in...............

December 2022

6 Most Powerful Benefits of Learning Sign Language

Learning Sign Language is essential for those who are deaf or hard of hearing, as well as their friends and family...............

December 2022

Difference Between the American and Indian Sign Language

The nature and history behind Sign Language is fascinating. It’s common for people who do not interact with Sign Language regularly..............

December 2022

The Relevance of Indian Sign Language in Today’s World

According to the World Federation of the Deaf, there are more than 70 million deaf people worldwide. More than 80% of them..............

December 2022

What is Transcription? Get answers to 15 essential questions

Confused about transcription and the many transcription approaches? Here are 15 frequently asked questions and simple, concise responses..............

November 2022

Turbocharge your audio and video files with transcription

Everything in our contemporary digital environment is reused and shared, from lectures to business meetings. As a result, transcription has a crucial demand from many .............

November 2022

Tools and Skills Required To Be a Professional Translator

Are you interested in becoming a Professional Translator? Wondering where to begin? Here is a list of skills and tools you need to master in order to be a Professional Translator.............

November 2022

10 Most Spoken Languages in India

India is a country rich in culture, history, and of course, languages. As you travel around India, you will hear a variety of languages and accents............

November 2022

Linguistic Diversity in India

Language localization is more than merely translating the content of a mobile app or website into a new language............

October 2022

How does local language content help businesses in branding?

Local language usage has been a crucial driver of a brand's cultural relevance, salience, and customer resonance in India...........

October 2022

Importance of Regional Languages in Today’s Digital World

According to a March 26 FICCI-EY media and entertainment industry analysis, regional languages would account for 60%...........

September 2022

Tourism Industry and Translation

As one of the world's largest and most dynamic sectors, international tourism obviously has an impact on all facets...........

September 2022

How to Choose the Right Translation Company

When choosing language service providers for your company's foreign paperwork needs, it's tough to predict the results...........

September 2022

Need For Official Document Translation Services

Legal or Official documents have to be translated from local languages into the language of the country in which they are presented..........

September 2022

What is Certified Translation and What is the Need for Certified Translation Services

Most individuals have never seen or heard of certified translation services. They would only need such services .........

August 2022

Importance of Environmental Translation

All hands must be on the deck when our planet stares at a grave threat such as climate change. In. So, how does translation fit into.........

August 2022

Translations Services for Alternative Energy

Renewable energy is a fast expanding industry vertical in the twenty-first century.........

August 2022

Importance of Translation in Environmental Law

Poor environmental knowledge and awareness is a key concern for environmental authorities........

August 2022

What is Environmental Translation?

When individuals discuss combating climate change, they usually refer to environmental initiatives such........

July 2022

Top 5 Foreign Language Shows Streaming Right Now.

These shows make reading subtitles completely worth it........

July 2022

Scope for Indian Languages in the Language Industry job Market

India has a rich cultural and linguistic heritage and is home to various languages........

July 2022

Why Should Students Learn a Foreign Language?

Languages play a vital role in facilitating human connection and interaction globally.......

July 2022

5 Popular Books Written in Foreign Languages!

Reading books is one of the most enjoyed activities for millions across the world......

June 2022

Industries that need Interpretation Services

Language is much more than just an effective tool for communication. .....

June 2022

5 Qualities Every Interpreter Should Have

Speaking more than one language is an impressive feat. However,.....

June 2022

Importance of Interpretation Services

When planning to hold an international business meeting, the essential factor to.....

June 2022

What are the Types of Interpretation Services?

Interpretation services are a verbal form of translation. It is often facilitated.....

May 2022

7 Most Useful Foreign Languages to Learn in India in 2022

The last decade has seen the development of excellent digital and linguistic.....

May 2022

Top Career Options for Language Students

One of the most rewarding and engaging aspects of the human experience.....

May 2022

The Differences Between Subbed & Dubbed Content

Streaming platforms all over the world have seen a surge in subscribers .....

May 2022

8 Must-Read Books Translated into English

With globalization effectively altering the world as we know it, .....

April 2022

Skills Needed to Be a Good Literary Translator!

With the world becoming increasingly globalized, there is a growing demand and .....

April 2022

Introduction To Literary Translation?

Literary translation is a typeof translation in which the source text is fictional/literary.....

April 2022

The Importance of Language Studies in the 21st Century

The global economy is growing exceptionally and is quite intricately ....

April 2022

The Importance of Translation Services in Education

Translation services have merged with the growing need to cross linguistic ....

March 2022

All You Need to Know About Subtitling!

Almost all video content you consume online is captioned or has subtitles. With ....

March 2022

Industries That Require Audio-Visual Translation

A new study conducted for over 10,000 people across 5 countries has revealed a startling....

March 2022

Importance of Translation Course (for a language-enthusiast)

Language translation is a very nuanced subject that takes individuals years to master....

February 2022

What is Typesetting in Multilingual DTP?

Have you ever considered the impact of your wonderfully designed campaigns and brochures...

February 2022

Importance of Multilingual DTP in Enhancing Your Brand

Although it is the final stage of localisation, multilingual desktop publishing is a...

February 2022

Common Challenges in Multilingual DTP projects

In the pre-IT days, enormous printing presses were required for printing, and if you needed images...

February 2022

Language Services Bureau Answers Your Questions About Multilingual DTP

Multilingual DTP is a comprehensive process involving translation ...

January 2022

Tips and Tricks to Ace Your German Exam

Whatever the subject, exams are never fun. But German language exams in school or college can be like a breath of fresh air! ..

January 2022

How to revise for your French Exam

Learning a language takes a lot more than a few classes or a few good movies … as for any learning process, revision and exams ..

January 2022

The Importance of Transcription Services for Your Business

An accurate record of communications is a must for businesses, thus they commonly use various methods to record important events ..

January 2022

How Covid-19 affected the Language Interpretation Industry

COVID-19 has irreversibly altered the globe, compelling the translation and interpretation sector to swiftly adopt digital technology ..

January 2022

Why Is Technical Translation Important?

Technical Translation is the translation of documents and content materials related to science and technology. Every technical subject..

December 2021

Introduction to Audio Visual Transcription

We all consume a lot of content on a regular basis and with the recent preference for media content, most of this content is in video and audio forma..

December 2021

Industries that heavily rely on Multilingual DTP

Multilingual desktop publishing is becoming an increasingly important aspect of the translation process. After the translation job is accomplished..

December 2021

Why is Multi-Lingual DTP Important For Your Content?

Success doesn’t depend only on good products and services, it's also about the look and feel of the content that promotes these products...

November 2021

The Difference Between Translators And Interpreters

To successfully build a brand in today’s global market, your organisation must communicate with foreign audiences in a local language...

November 2021

Skills required for a Translation - Interpretation job

Language specialists like translators and interpreters are in charge of conveying the accurate meaning of written and spoken language respectively. ..

November 2021

How Does Localization Help the Tourism Industry?

It is critical for the tourism sector to be able to entice international travellers. As a result, the requirement to reach..

November 2021

How to Localize Your Website

Once you're ready to localise your website, consider that there are three primary phases to the process: internationalisation, translation, and localisation..

October 2021

Why is Localization Important for the Gaming Industry

From Discord to Twitch, the rise of streaming platforms has been instrumental for the growth in the gaming community..

October 2021


We all feel those nervous jitters before job interviews -overthinking every word, gesture and smile - we want to be our very best self..

September 2021


Career opportunities and job prospects are the reason most people learn any foreign language. Due to the growing foreign language jobs across India,..

September 2021


India is a colourful country - in our food, our clothes and in our languages too - India celebrates diversity like no other place in the world.

September 2021


A question that has plagued book lovers for time immemorial has been - Is the translated literature closest possible to its original?

September 2021


Subtitles have revolutionized the way we now consume international content. From movies and TV shows to songs and culture, subtitles have become..

August 2021


Although this article has been written in English, did you know that only 33% of the world’s population actually considers it a native language?

August 2021


Have you ever wondered what the real reason behind your appreciation for foreign movies and TV shows is?

August 2021


The ever-growing opportunities presented by development in technology and the internet mean that businesses are going places!

August 2021


Simultaneous interpretation has been critical to communication in the highest echelons of governance.

July 2021


BTS Army, Comic Cons, memes and, of course, Netflix! The world sure has come a lot closer, thanks to entertainment media.

June 2021


Language Services Bureau had organized a live online session about Careers in Languages earlier...

May 2021


With about 4 million social media users across the world, Social Media ensures universal real-time engagement...

April 2021


Also known as Audio-visual translation as it involves translation of AV content, (multi) media localisation/translation..

March 2021


IT documentation, technical manuals, brochures, books, booklets, catalogues, pamphlets, sales and publicity content..

February 2021

Understanding before translating!

A good source text is a foundation of a good translation .. if the original text is poorly written or worse..

January 2021

“Difficult” PDF files for translation

Very often, we receive PDF documents for technical translation – and unfortunately most of the times, they are non-editable PDF files

December 2020

Essay Writing Competition 2020

The year 2020 was the third consecutive year that Language Services Bureau organised the yearly ‘Essay Writing Competition’ ....

November 2020

भाषांतरात Intermediate Course

भाषा हे विचारांचे आदान प्रदान करण्याचे एक सशक्त माध्यम आहे. आपल्या जगण्याचा अविभाज्य भाग!...

October 2020

Which foreign language should I learn in India - Part 2

We are often asked this question not only by students, but also professionals, housewives, export managers, IT experts, etc...

September 2020

Which foreign language should I learn in India? Part 1

We are often asked this question not only by students, but also professionals, housewives, export managers, IT experts, etc...

August 2020

Live Simultaneous interpretation

Recently, we completed a live simultaneous interpretation project for an online conference. Simultaneous interpretation...

July 2020

Google India Digitisation Fund

Google announces USD 10 billion in India Digitization Fund and dearth of Indian language specialists...

June 2020


A treasure trove of free online multilingual books for kids and learners of all ages...

May 2020

Rural Internet users now outnumber urban users in India

We have already written about the upcoming trends in Indian Language content online, in our earlier blogs about Indian Language Internet and मराठी व भारतीय भाषांचे वाढते महत्त्व...

April 2020

Multilingual animated videos about Corona

When the Corona infection started, we had little idea of what is going on and how it will affect us. Now, our entire country is under lockdown, and we all are forced to be inside our homes for last several weeks...

March 2020

Inspiration during challenging times

In the current situation worldwide, most countries are under lockdown and doctors, sanitary workers, and other frontline professionals are battling everyday against the havoc caused by the virus...

February 2020

Multimedia translation

The poor quality of translations/subtitles from Hindi to English or from Kannada to English became very popular in the meme culture among the youth and is a sensation on the internet...

January 2020 10 min read


Translation projects can be challenging and can consume a lot of time. We came across one such project a few months ago...

December 2019


For the past two years, Language Services Bureau has conducted an annual Essay Writing Competition. This competition aims at creating awareness among the youth as well as their parents....

November 2019 12 min read


Language is a tool of communication and interaction with society from a very young age. We usually start with our mother tongue and then learn many more as we grow older....

October 2019 10 min read

Translation of Creativity

According to Wikipedia, ‘Transcreation is a term used chiefly by advertising and marketing professionals to refer to the process of adapting a message from one language to another,...

September 2019 5 min read

Chinese –-> Mandarin – Cantonese – Simplified Chinese script – Traditional Chinese Script ?

We recently completed a translation project for Chinese language for the Hong Kong market.. and it was pretty evident that the client needed guidance about which language and script to select for Hong Kong specifically!

August 2019 9 min read

Translation – Creativity in language?

What is art? What qualifies as art? Movies, music, dance, pottery? Yes, of course. We watch movies from time to time, we enjoy listening to different genres of music, we write poems, we dance; least to say, we’re surrounded by art.

July 2019 10 min read

Indian Language Internet

Posted by : Language Services Bureau

June 2019 7 min read

Translator's dilemma

Posted by : Language Services Bureau

April 2019 10 min read

Marathi translation course

Language Service Bureau collaborated with Rajya Marathi ShikshanSanstha which is part of the Marathi Bhasha Department of the Maharashtra Government, to offer Marathi Translation course in April- May 2019.

March 2019 15 min read

Emerging Market future of Translations and Localisation

Posted by : Language Services Bureau

27 February 2019 10 min read

Workshop on Interpretation

Posted by : Language Services Bureau

31 January 2019 10 min read

मराठी व्यावसायिक भाषांतराची तोंडओळख

Posted by : Language Services Bureau

31 December 2018 10 min read

Peek into the Technical Writing and Technical Translation Event

Posted by : Language Services Bureau

30 November 2018 10 min read

8 Facts businesses need to know about Indian Languages

Posted by : Language Services Bureau

31 October 2018 10 min read


Posted by : Language Services Bureau

30 September 2018 10 min read


Posted by : Language Services Bureau

30 August 2018 3 min read


Posted by : Language Services Bureau

31 July 2018 3 min read

भाषांमध्ये करियर – भाग २

आमच्या गेल्या महिन्यातील ब्लॉग मध्ये भाषांचे ज्ञान आवश्यक असणाऱ्या करियर क्षेत्रांची माहिती आपल्याला मिळाली. जिथे भाषेचे ज्ञान फायद्याचे ठरते असे इतर व्यवसाय आपण या महिन्यात पाहुयात.

15 July 2018 13 min read

Difference between Translator and an Interpreter

Posted by : लँग्वेज सर्व्हिसेस ब्युरो


CAREERS IN LANGUAGES - भाषा क्षेत्रातील करियरच्या संधी तुम्ही कोणत्या ही क्षेत्रात काम करीत असलात तरी विविध भाषां

तुम्ही कोणत्या ही क्षेत्रात काम करीत असलात तरी विविध भाषांचे ज्ञान अवगत असणे, हे एक महत्वाचे कौशल्य आहे. जागतिकी करण, आंतरराष्ट्रीय व्यापार उद्दमा मध्ये झपाट्याने झालेली वाढ, इंटरनेट व त्याची व्याप्ती यांमुळे नोकरीसाठी उमेदवारांची निवड करताना उमेदवाराला एखादी परकीय भाषा अवगत असेल तर त्याला निश्चितच प्राधान्य मिळते.

31 May 2018 10 min read


Posted by : Language Services Bureau

31 May 2018 10 min read


The time it takes to learn a language depends on what you want to do with it– here is a great article about language learning and the kind of expectations you can set about the time required for the same!

29 March 2018 10 min read


Language services are in demand worldwide thanks to globalisation. We created this small infographic to capture the interesting statistics about translation services and global languages (other than English).

28 FEBRUARY 2018 9 min read

भाषांतर क्षेत्रातील संधी आणि आमचा ह्या क्षेत्रातील नवीन मार्गदर्शक कोर्स

मी भाषांतराला सुरुवात केली तेव्हा ते अगदी वैयक्तिक स्वरुपात होते. पण सुरुवात केली तीच मोठ्या मोठ्या कंपन्यांच्या कामाने. किर्लोस्कर ओईल इंजिन्स, बजाज ऑटो, टेल्को, फिनोलेक्स अशा कंपन्यांचं काम करताना खूप धडपड करून तांत्रिक शब्दांचे अर्थ शोधून मग पूर्ण झालेलं काम ते देणाऱ्या ऑफिसरना दाखवून त्यांनी समाधान झाल्याचे सांगितल्यावर ते काम त्यांना सुपूर्त करायचं. पैसे पण लगेच मिळतील अशी खात्री नसायची.

30 January 2018 17 min read


Our blog of last month provided details about Careers in Languages, where knowledge of languages is essential. This month, we will cover other professions where knowledge of a language is considered as an added advantage.

21 December 2017 14 min read

Advantages of Learning A Foreign Language

Knowledge of multiple languages is an asset, whichever domain one is working in. Thanks to globalization, increase in international trade, the internet and its all pervading reach, knowing a foreign language promises to be an edge during recruitment.

20 November 2017 6 min read


Language Services Bureau was proud to be associated with the World Skill Contest 2017 organized in Pune, in the first week of November by a major Automobile Manufacturer of India - we provided 14 interpreters for the contest and translated the question papers into 9 foreign languages for the written tests

30 September 2017 6 min read


In this last article from the Website translation series, we present to you the key points to be borne in mind while planning to translate/localize your website. Localization is not only translation but also adaptation of the website according to the tastes and preferences of a given population, its culture and language.

31 July 2017 6 min read


With a population of one and a quarter billion people, India, the largest democracy is home to nearly 30 languages which are in daily use. Yet the Indian Constitution and Law do not define an official national language. Most languages of India belong to the Indo-Aryan, Dravidian, Austro-Asiatic and Tibeto-Burman language families.

30 June 2017 6 min read


The web does not just connect machines, it connects people! Tim Berners-Lee. Your website is your company’s DISPLAY WINDOW for the world! The difference here though is that the prospective client has to read through your content to get to know more about you and your offerings!

31 May 2017 6 min read


We at Language Services Bureau keep hearing a lot of myths surrounding translation from clients as well as would be translators!   In this month’s blog, we would like to share and elaborate upon some of these very common myths.

23 March 2017 6 min read



20 February 2017 6 min read


In this final section of our 3 part blog on Writing Translation Friendly content, we elaborate on other aspects of making a text easier to understand and translate, like correct usage of Formatting and CAT tools.

18 January 2017 6 min read


In continuation with our post last month, we enumerate a few more steps to follow to make your content translation friendly!

20 December 2016 10 min read


Manuals that leave you more confused?
Game instructions that only lead you to lose the game?

10 December 2016 20 min read

Lack of Data security and other issues in (free) online Machine translation

Translation of text by a computer, without human involvement

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