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Standard Hindi (हिन्दी), or more precisely Modern Hindi, also known as Manak Hindi (meaning “Standard Hindi”), High Hindi, Nagari Hindi, or Literary Hindi, is a standardized and Sanskrit-based register of the Hindi-Urdu language of Delhi and Western Uttar Pradesh. It is one of the official languages of the Republic of India. There are totally about 490 million native speakers of Hindi, including those of Urdu, which is mutually intelligible with Hindi.

Hindi language

Hindi is the third most widely spoken language in the world after Mandarin and English. It allows your organisation to communicate with large populations in India in comparison with English which is only spoken by around five percent of the population. It is written in an easy phonetic script called Devanagari which is also used to write Sanskrit, Marathi and Nepali. Hindi is not only used in India but also by significant communities in Mauritius, Singapore, South Africa, UK, USA, Canada and Nepal.


At Language Services Bureau, we provide top quality professional and most reliable Hindi translation (Hindi to English translation and English to Hindi translation) and also translation from other regional languages in India (Marathi, Punjabi, Bengali, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Oriya, etc.) to Hindi and from Hindi to these languages.

Even though Hindi is the national language of India, there are many variants and dialects of the same used all over India – however it is very important to use the Manak Hindi for translations that target the whole Hindi speaking belt. Inversely, if your product/service is targeted to some specific area of India, then the Hindi translation (English to Hindi translation) should be such that it gets the local flavour and “speaks” to the natives.

language services bureau Certified Spanish translation

The technical aspect in Hindi translation (Hindi to English translation and English to Hindi translation)

Any technical document that is perfect from the application point of view, will always fetch you the desired result for your business. The translators at LANGUAGE SERVICES BUREAU are familiar with the technical and trade terminology in the pertinent fields and hence are able to maintain the exactness, accuracy and authenticity required in translating specialized documents.
language services bureau Certified Spanish translation

The cultural aspect in translation from and/or to Hindi (Hindi to English translation and English to Hindi translation)

Being a native translator gives the advantage of knowing the unwritten rules of the language. We make sure that the translators handling Hindi translation for you are professionals who are aware of the different registers, dialects, contexts, styles and other cultural aspects of Hindi. This makes them perfect in selecting the right word for the right use, be it for translation from English or any other language to Hindi or from Hindi to English or any other language.

  • This ensures that the Hindi translation (Hindi to English translation and English to Hindi translation) and interpretation provided is a high quality and culturally sensitive translation in any field that you desire.
  • Thanks to expert industry specific translators, strictest quality assurance system and the best translation tools, your final translated document reads as if it has been originally written in the target language.
  • We also offer certified Hindi translation (Hindi to English translation and English to Hindi translation) services for official translation of documents to be submitted to authorities.
  • We cater to requirements of high quality professional interpretation services and training for Hindi.

We handle translation of multiple language pairs - we can do both Hindi to English and English to Hindi translation.

Translation duration depends on Volume of the job, Nature of the documents, language pair, fonts used and file format. Therefore kindly share your documents and we will get back to you.

We work in all Indian and international languages - from the regular ones like French, Hindi, German, Marathi to Slovak, Sindhi, Tagalog, Bodo, etc. Do get in touch with us for more details!

We have multiple offerings for translation - to check an exhaustive list of documents that we translate, please check

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