Language Services Bureau has always provided Over-the-phone interpretation – language support for discussions and meetings on phone. For example, if you want to

  • Speak with your supplier in China.
  • Present your company and services to a new market and client in France, or
  • Interview candidates from Brazil through telephonic interviews..

We can provide telephone interpreters for multiple languages!

The Covid 19 Pandemic has made it impossible to hold large events and therefore many conferences, meetings, seminars, etc. are now being held online. Online interpretation or Remote Interpretation services are required for providing language support for such meets.

With the growing demand for remote simultaneous interpretation and online consecutive interpretation, the experienced and trained interpreters of Language Services Bureau are all geared up to provide interpretation online.

Zoom already has a facility where remote simultaneous interpretation services (when speaker and interpreter speak at the same time) can be provided for conferences and seminars held through their platform.

Online Consecutive Interpretation (when speaker speaks for a few minutes and halts for the interpreter to interpret) can be used on other online meeting platforms like Webex, GotoWebinar, GotoMeeting, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Skype, etc.

Video Remote interpreting is another name for remote interpretation– it combines the benefits of meeting face to face without the need of traveling, thus saving time and money.

Get in touch with us today to know our offers for hourly, half day, daily, weekly and monthly interpretation rates. Language Services Bureau offers Remote interpreting, remote simultaneous and online consecutive interpretation in almost all Indian and international languages .

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