International Language Training

Are you looking for corporate language training programs in International languages like French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Polish, Swedish, Dutch, or in Indian languages like Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, etc.?

Language Services Bureau provides the best in-house and on-site corporate language training programs in various international and Indian languages in Pune. These short-term international language training crash courses are very popular in the industry, mainly for engineers, managers and factory owners who have to travel internationally, at a very short notice, sometimes even in a week or two. Language Services Bureau offers various tailor made International language training programs to suit individual or group requirements.

Our Specialty


The Corporate language training can be undertaken in- house at our establishment or at your organization, or at any location that is convenient to participants, as per requirements. All our course programs are flexible and can be adjusted as per the participant’s convenience.

Special focus

International language Training is focused mainly on spoken language along with written and comprehension skills, with special focus on the field -specific vocabularies and conversations. The international language training program content is customized as per the professional goals of your employees and depending on the subject domain in which they work. The program focuses on key terminology, jargon and vernacular used in that particular field of specialization (e.g. automobile, Travel and Tourism, IT, etc.). Authentic audio-video aids are used - including books, cassettes (both audio-video), CD’s for learning the spoken language as it is spoken by the natives.

Target culture training

When developing a business relationship with an international company or clientele, it is of immense importance for a company to have an understanding of the culture with which it is dealing. Language Services Bureau addresses this need through the provision of cross-cultural training in conjunction with corporate language training, and equips participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to create and maintain good professional relationships with people from other geographies.

Business communication

Within the corporate language training offered by Language Services Bureau in Pune, importance is also given to business communication in the specific language. We have specialised content related to business communication in all our international language training course programs. Learners use the courses as a springboard to higher confidence, better communication and greater job satisfaction.

Please read below for some testimonials of our past trainees for both International language training programs and Indian language training programs:

“Improved spoken English and increased confidence” Mr. Keskar | English trainee

“Very good! I learnt a lot in this short time I was in India” Mr. Shreyi | Hindi Trainee from the US

“Excellent teaching environment. I enjoyed my learning course!” Mr. Kannan | Portuguese trainee

At Language Services Bureau, we are committed to your success! We have helped hundreds of executives, professionals and companies in their corporate language training requirements. Contact us today and we would get in touch with you so as to design a special customised international language training program to suit your requirements.

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There is no one language that can be recommended - one can select the language based on the region in which trading or dealings may be done. In any case Mandarin/Chinese and Spanish are some of the most widely spoken languages in the world. Similarly Portuguese, Arabic, French and German (in that order) are also promising. But as mentioned above, if you are dealing with African or Asian nations, learning their language makes sense!

Currently Mandarin/Chinese is in demand, followed by Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, French, German and Russian.

A new language learnt is always a good investment of time and money, as it can prove to be essential in various business and professional settings - including international business!

There is no one language of business, though English is the most common! French, Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin, Arabic are other business languages required in specific regions of the world!