Intermediate Course in Translation

Overview :

Language Services Bureau introduced an Intermediate Course in Professional Translation in 2020, starting 10th August 2020 to 16th October 2020.

There is a huge market for translation in India, not only for foreign languages, but also for Indian languages. If you are interested in translation, you need to know the translation techniques.

This course will cover the theory, specificities and translation of different types of texts that fall within the purview of what is known as professional translation.

Course description:

  • Language enhancement for source and target languages
  • Business translation
  • Political translation
  • Scientific translation
  • Medical translation
  • Legal translation
  • Technical translation
  • Literary translation
  • Multimedia translation

The 30-hour course (thrice a week, one hour per day) will be conducted by industry experts and academicians with an industry experience of between 20-50 years each.

The intermediate course is the next level of progression for those who have completed our Orientation Course in Translation and is also recommended for all budding translators and language professionals. It will be a mandatory course for our upcoming Interpretation course.

Currently the course is available for French, German, Marathi and Hindi into English translation – but if you are interested in any other language, do get in touch!

Ideally a Bachelors or Masters course in translation is best to begin a career in translation. But if you want to check if translation really interests you, you can do our orientation and intermediate course in translation to understand translation, processes, techniques, CAT tools, and to work on technical, legal, commercial, general, creative translation and opportunities in the language industry. These are short term online and offline courses being offered by us for the last 5 years. Deserving candidates get to do a short internship in our company.

Apply for our Orientation (basic) and Intermediate (Advanced) translation courses to get an introduction to the field of translation and to gain hands-on experience on real life translation projects.

After having gained an experience of 40 years in translation and the language industry, we introduced Orientation and Intermediate Translation Courses in both online and offline mode. Our ex trainees also work with us on a freelance basis. Register for our courses today!

3 year Bachelors and 2 year Masters programs are available in some universities.