Looking for language experts for your firm? We’ve got your back!

Language Services Bureau understands your needs for a linguistic expert andalso values them like their own. With us, you don’t have to worry about your recruitmentneeds for a linguistic expert.

With 40+ years of professional experience, we can help you find the perfect candidate you’re looking for. While assessingcandidates as language experts, we do not judge them solely on the basis of their certifications and qualifications, but their actual current linguistic skills, as not every candidate is fluent in the language known.

Candidates are thoroughly tested and examined by our own language experts on the basis of:

Language level in terms of internationally accepted certifications in Europe, Japan, etc.
Case scenarios or problem-solving capabilities and their resolution in the respective language.
Expression skills in spoken and
written language.
Cultural awareness in terms of communication etiquettes and politeness - For instance, while hiring a Japanese Language expert, not only their knowledge of Kanjis is examined but also the way they greet people. A bow would be considered as show of respect for the culture, however, a handshake, which is customary in the industry, might seem impolite.

Depending upon the needs of your firm, we help you placethe right candidate, whether it is for a beginner or an advanced level of the language. Considering our inherited tradition of passion for languages, weare committed to the highest quality of standards when it comes to languages and can support organisations like yours to hire new language experts. From finding appropriate candidates to assessing their language skills, we’re just an email/call away.

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