Content Writing

Content Writing - The spotlight on writing right!

At Language Services Bureau, we believe in the power of the right word for a right impression and recognize its increasing impact on the highly competitive trends in the industrial and commercial sector. Websites being the first impression, it's an absolute must for the websites to speak for the enterprise and reach out to the clients. We, at Language Services Bureau, combine your ideas with the 'power of the right word' and give your website an appeal that guarantees fool proof success.

Our Specialty

Sound technical know how

Our team of skilled writers has a strong technical background to give you the technical precision that is needed for Technical Content Writing related to engineering products and services.

SEO Optimization

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process ranking a website in a search engine’s search results. The more frequently a website appears on the top of the search results list, the more visitors it will have. We at LSB know the requirements of SEO based content writing to help get the best ranking for your website.

Crisp and precise

We give your ideas just the right garnishing to make them stand out.

Linguistic correctness

Last but not the least, we ensure that the language used is impeccable, without any errors!

So make the right choice with us and let the right word write your success story!

We create and develop content for

Technical websites

Websites related to engineering, manufacturing industries, IT (Information Technology) Sector, etc.

Commercial websites

Websites related to banks, finance, management sector etc.

Creative websites

Websites where creative writing is required, e.g. travel, event or art related websites, etc.

Yes, a content writer can also be a copywriter - copywriters specialise in writing a short, persuasive copy to promote a product or a policy, and as a content writer, the written content needs to be more educative - if a person learns the hacks of each type of writing, it is easy to work on both simultaneously.

Content writing rules include doing thorough research, focusing on the topic, with clear, concise, compact, compelling and credible call to action.

Planning, creating, publishing, managing, and governing content are included in content strategy.