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French to English Translation

French is an official language of all United Nations agencies and a large no. of international organizations. It is also one of the three working languages of the European Union, along with English and German. French is the only language other than English spoken on five continents.

It is the native language in France, and in certain regions of Canada, Belgium and Switzerland. It is an official language in 29 countries (many countries in Africa) and as much as300 million people speak the French language as their first, second or third language worldwide.

Given the technological advance of France, Canada and other French speaking countries in all domains of technology, French is a language which transports information about many different sectors of technology throughout the world. This information needs to be understood by the target public. Therefore the importance of French to English translation! France is dominant in the fields of automobile industry, nuclear and atomic energy, medical research, high energy physics, aerospace, telecommunications, genetics, chemistry, pharmaceutical industry, agriculture, etc. French is now very present over the Internet, and ranks 8th with 57 million users in the world.

French will put you on the map!

In case of export/import of products/services to any Francophone (French speaking) country, French translation (French to English translation and English to French translation) is what you need.
When you communicate effectively in French, approximately 300 million people are your audience!

Translation of your

Information booklets
Brochures, Catalogues
Corporate marketing campaigns
Software content

Opens your business to opportunities from French speaking countries.

We shall help you get there!

language services bureau Best quality Spanish translation

Best quality and most reliable French translations

Language Services Bureau assures the best quality and most reliable French translations (French to English translation and English to French translation) in Pune. It is one of the pioneering agencies providing professional French to English translation and interpretation services in India.
language services bureau Industry Experience

Technical documents

We specialise in French translation (French to English translation and English to French translation) of technical documents like: User manuals, Specifications, Standards, Website translation, Software localization, etc.
language services bureau Industry Experience

Industry Experience

We have been working with verticals like engineering, legal, medical, IT, advertising, food and hospitality, marketing, etc. to cater to their requirements of French translation (French to English translation and English to French translation).
language services bureau Certified Spanish translation

Certified French translation

As per the requirement, certified French translation (French to English translation and English to French translation) services can also be provided by Language Services Bureau for submission to various authorities.

You can find more details about the types of documents translated on:
Interpretation and training

In addition to translation, LANGUAGE SERVICES BUREAU even provides

French interpretation services

French Corporate Language Training programs

Our French training programs include Crash Courses especially designed for people who need the language on the professional front.

Yes French translators are in demand, especially coupled with technical, medical, legal or IT sector knowledge or combined with other Indian languages.

As a French translator, you get to work on cutting edge technology, fashion, aeronautics, automobile domains since France and Canada are some of the world leaders in these verticals.

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