Audio-visual translation


Audio-visual translation (AVT) OR Multimedia translation is the term used to refer to the transfer from one language to another of the verbal components contained in audio-visual works and products.Film dubbing, Film scripts, Recorded speeches from conferences, Narration work for films, Video tapes, slides, audio tapes in different foreign languages, Company profile presentations, Voice-over, Feature films, television programs, theatrical plays, musicals, opera, Web pages, and video games are just some examples of the vast array of audio-visual products available and that require translation.


Within this type of translation, the two most popular areas are dubbing and subtitling, where the use of one or the other depends on different markets. For example, in Spain, almost all video, film, series, documentary and foreign AV documents are usually dubbed into Spanish. In certain areas even, cinemas offer virtually no films in the original version with subtitles, with the only option available being the dubbed version. The advantage for viewers is that they do not have to concentrate more on the film and divide their attention between watching the movie and reading the subtitles.


In this context, it is especially important to use qualified and specialized professionals in the audio-visual field used to dealing with subject specific problems, who can ensure that the transmission of the message is as faithful to the original as possible. This is the part where we help you fulfil your requirements. We work with a team of professionals and experts from this field who have gained years of experience. With our expertise and knowledge, we can provide you with high quality, cost effective and the best possible translation. We specialize in many aspects within this area, and are delighted to offer the following audiovisual translation services:
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  • Film dubbing
  • Film scripts
  • Recorded speeches from conferences
  • Narration work for films
  • Video tapes, slides, audio tapes in different foreign languages
  • Company profile presentations
  • Voice-over

Audiovisual content is important since most users prefer audio/video to regular text such that the popularity of multimedia content has grown multifold throughout the world and especially in India as it is specifically beneficial for illiterate people.

Audiovisual translation can involve many of the following techniques like transcription, subtitling, dubbing, voice over, closed captioining, amongst others.

Audiovisual translation is required in the film and media industry, e-learning companies, as well as all verticals where videos are used for marketing and training purposes.

Businesses need to reach out to their customers from various regions of the world for increasing their sales and staying sustainable - this is easily possible by posting audios/videos to engage their multilingual audiences.

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