Madhuri Datar, our Founder had a Masters in French and learnt many different languages during her projects working with CID (Criminal Investigation Department, Mumbai) and the Kirloskar Group for want of good translators! With years of experience interacting with foreign visitors and through market exposure, she found a niche market and a service that remained untapped in 1970s.


After leaving Kirloskar Consultants for maternity break, Mrs. Datar was restless about the fact that she had to stop working. With her husband's encouragement and guidance from S. L. Kirloskar, Language Services Bureau was established on 2nd September 1979 in Pune.


Pioneers in the industry, Language Services Bureau’s initial jobs included translation of technical technology transfer document from foreign languages into English for the growing industry in and around Pune. Soon, clients started to pour in and as the client list grew longer, the company grew in experience and size. Language training classes for French and English were introduced considering the huge demand of engineers and export managers to learn a language in a short time span. Mrs. Datar provided training herself and increased the scope of training to about 12 foreign languages by 1985.


By the 1990s, the language services offered at LSB went up to 27 languages and it was a trusted name in Technical Translation, Interpretation and Trainings. As the years passed, many translators, language lovers, freelancers and interpreters got associated with LSB. With the liberalization of the Indian economy in the early 1990s, the business horizons widened and LSB ventured into foreign markets.


At the change of the millennium, the Information Technology wave changed everything.. right from the way projects were received, completed and delivered!


As the business grew over 25 years, so did the work load! Mrs. Datar’s daughter, Devaki Datar Kunte had been helping her with the company work even during her studies and she joined the company full time in 2004.


Devaki switched over to the new language technology of Computer Aided Translation (CAT) tools in translation, which helped improve overall project efficiency.


Services in Indian languages picked up in the first and second decade of the 21st century, thanks to the internet and mobile revolution, and foreign companies wanting to woo the untapped Indian markets.


As of 2018, Language Services Bureau continues to bridge the gap between communication and technology and works in all Indian and International languages. It is one of India’s top language companies with both international and local clients. From one-word assignments to millions of words, from bilingual projects to multilingual websites, we handle it all! We guarantee quality and ensure customer satisfaction – it is a tradition of 40 years that we proudly inherit.