Orientation Course in Translation

Translation studies is an interdisciplinary subject dealing with the systematic study of the theory and application of translation and localization. Translation Studies borrows much from the various fields of study that support translation.

In 2018, we have introduced an in-house “10 day Orientation Course to Translation” conducted by some of our best Translators and Trainers. The course helps you get sensitized to translation work, start improving on your language skills and begin to translate.

Our course syllabus covers

  • linguistic basics of the respective language,
  • translation techniques,
  • concepts,
  • use of research material and
  • how specific translation projects need to be handled differently.
  • how to use CAT (computer aided translation) tools to increase efficiency of translation and provide on the job experience working in various domains like

General translation


Technical translation


Commercial translation


Legal translation


Advertising related translation

Guest lecturers with linguistic and translation background provide their outlook in the real world to the students. Localization scope is also discussed during the training.

The lectures that are conducted are dynamic in nature where every student gets to be part of the discussion and put forth his/her point of view.

This course gives a real time experience to students on how the translation industry works. We also offer a one-week internship at the end of the course to deserving students.

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Orientation means providing guidance for a particular topic - we have designed this Orientation Course to Translation especially for language enthusiasts who know two languages well but do not know anything about professional translation, translation techniques, best practices and CAT tools - which will help them get acquainted with the profession of translation.

The objective of the Orientation Course in Translation is to provide a glimpse of professional translation projects to those trainees who have a good command on languages but do not know how to translate.

If a person starts translation without any training, there can be problems like incorrect, incomplete, delayed, word to word, unprofessional translation which may not be accepted in the market - therefore some previous training or initiation is required in translation so as to be able to work on a project efficiently. Many a times, clients also do not get what they expect if the translator is not experienced or trained in translation. Our course helps a translator to learn the ropes of the trade and we also offer internship opportunities with real life projects to skilled professionals, so that they obtain experience in translation.

Any person who knows two languages well and is a graduate can apply for our course - we will select the candidates based on a written language test.