Audio-visual Transcription Services

Transcription is the technique of listening to an audio or video and recording it in a text format. We accept audio as well as video data for transcription.

We provide


General transcription


Business transcription


Commercial transcription


Legal transcription

Additional Service-translation of The Transcription

language services bureau Best quality Spanish translation
We provide you a one stop shop model for all your needs. We additionally provide translation services for the transcribed text when required. An elaborate process to give you the finished text in the language that you want!
language services bureau Industry Experience
At the Language Services Bureau, your data undergoes strict checking at every level to give you a flawless result as the finished product. Your data is handled very carefully and the latest technology is used which allows the analysis of the minutest details. We assure you accuracy and care for your data for complete satisfaction.

The conversion of audio and/or video content in to text content is known as audio-visual transcription service.

The conversion of audio content in to text content is known as audio transcription service.

Yes, transcription is still required for meetings, conferences, audits, medical and legal purposes.

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