Local language usage has been a crucial driver of a brand's cultural relevance, salience, and customer resonance in India. In a large and diversified market like India, appealing to the country's non-English-speaking majority helps enhance ties with new consumers and aid in the deployment of language-first digital brand initiatives at scale.

Businesses can now reach out to remote locations and enter new markets thanks to the internet. The amount of regional material available on digital platforms is simply too small in comparison to the size of the audience that seeks it. This can be a fantastic opportunity for businesses because there is significant development potential and low competition in the sector.

Viewership has increased significantly for brands that have localized their operations. This is because a sizable percentage of the Indian population, read almost 85%, does not speak English and prefers to consume content in their own language. Interacting in the user's native language makes them feel more at ease and trusting of the brand. Regional Languages Translation can be a growth opportunity for organizations looking to reach a larger audience and increase income.

Benefits of using Regional Indian Languages

Use local languages to reach new audiences.

Indic languages are preferred by around 70% of current Indian internet users over English. Brands that already cater to these local-language speakers are reaching more customers than ever before, providing them with a whole new captive audience to engage with.

Users are more inclined to respond to advertisements in their native language.

Adapting brand messaging is about more than just reaching new customers. It also allows you to develop more meaningful relationships with your customers and achieve higher conversion rates.

It’s easier to scale up with local languages

Adopting region-specific language can also help your advertising dollars stretch further by addressing newer, lower CPA consumers and providing relevant, compelling content to drive conversions more efficiently.

How Can A Regional Translation Be Of Help To A Business?

Localizing the company content in a regional language can aid in reaching a larger consumer base and increasing income. The following are some of the ways that localizing to regional languages might benefit a business:

  • It creates a credible image for your company and aids in gaining the trust of area customers. This increases the likelihood of a positive response from clients.
  • Quality regional material is not widely available on digital platforms. This can provide your company an advantage over competitors that haven't yet entered the regional market.
  • Users are more likely to engage with a company that speaks to them in their own language.
  • Businesses that localize in regional languages can increase sales by expanding their consumer base.
  • It sends the message that your company operates in complete transparency. With accurate translation, you can express your message to customers while leaving no opportunity for misunderstanding.
  • Incorporating cultural subtleties of your target audience into your business will help you establish a sense of relatability, which can help you keep existing consumers and gain new ones.
  • As individuals have an emotional tie to their language and culture, it is an effective way of communicating with them. You may improve your client relationships by appealing to this emotional attachment.

Summing up

Many Indian internet users think in their native language yet type in English. Spend time transliterating your website rather than simply translating the content to develop inclusive, compelling marketing. By experimenting with communication and targeting tactics, you can better engage with the diverse Indian internet user landscape and reach new audiences by using Indic-language ads.

Although globalization has enabled firms to expand into new markets, it has also increased the necessity for localization. Businesses must change their marketing strategy to cater to native language speakers. The internet has more reach than ever before. To capitalize on this potential, a company must modify its message in the target language of the culture to better connect with its target audience.

If you employ regional language translation, you can expand your business significantly. The Language Services Bureau aims to provide original and high-quality content in all Indian languages. You can invest in establishing local-language landing pages and assets with our assistance to provide new users with a familiar online experience in their mother tongue. Prepare to go PAN-India with Language Services Bureau.

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