Language is much more than just an effective tool for communication. Languages worldwide reflect a wide range of cultural ideologies and societal beliefs. As a result, effectively communicating with diverse audiences has yielded a significant increase in the demand for professional interpretation services.

Post the COVID-19 pandemic, several industries have seen a rise in the demand for professionals skilled in performing interpretations. With a significant portion of our lives shifting online, the need for clear communication across language barriers is obvious.

Language interpretation, as a service, has a vital role in a wide range of sectors, including education, politics, diplomacy, culture, health, and education. Interpretation can serve an important role in avoiding the isolation of one community from the rest of the world. The result is an environment that actively promotes engagement with individuals and parties from all walks of life!

If you are curious about the industries that have seen a surge in demand for interpretation services, here is everything you need to know!

6 Industries that Require Interpretation Services

Globalization has created a wonderful opportunity for industries in the international economy to interact with diverse audiences. As organizations in different sectors communicate with international clients and partners, more businesses welcome interpreters to carry out efficient communication services.

Here are 6 different industries with a growing demand for professional interpretation services -

1. Healthcare

Healthcare is arguably one of the most important sectors in the global economy where interpretation services can do a significant amount of good.

A healthcare facility or provider needs to understand the information provided by patients speaking foreign languages. Proper understanding has a critical role to play in diagnosing the patient's medical condition and creating a proper treatment schedule.

Many healthcare providers require interpreters in countries such as the United States, where multi-ethnic populations exist. Healthcare facilities that receive funding from the federal government are required to provide translators and interpret to help patients with limited English speaking skills. This law prohibits friends and relatives of the patient from interpreting for them when seeking medical assistance.

2. Law

Law firms and lawyers often require interpretation services for various reasons. For example, in the United States, it is estimated that around 350 different languages are spoken, apart from English.

Therefore, courts in the United States are required to employ professional interpreters for individuals with limited English-speaking abilities. These interpreters participate directly in court proceedings involving clients who are not comfortable expressing themselves in English.

In addition to interpretation, translation services are also widely employed in the legal sector. Language services can help with legalization, notarization, and certified court interpretation services. With the help of a trusted language partner, the legal industry can ensure that information and data is fully-protected and clearly understood.

3. Entertainment

The entertainment industry is arguably one of the most popular sectors that demand high-quality interpretation services. These services are essential because they help larger audiences understand different types of content for entertainment purposes.

Multilingual radio and videos, voiceovers and broadcasting networks are examples of where interpretation services are popularly employed. Interpretation can help relevant content in different languages become more accessible to viewers, not only English speakers.

Interpretation services in the entertainment industry are also essential for presentations and interviews that are broadcast live to other parts of the world.

4. Manufacturing

A significant proportion of manufacturing organizations outsource to other producers and manufacturers overseas. Therefore, interpretation services can help two different parties in the industry communicate effectively and clearly concerning every stage of the manufacturing process.

Even if a manufacturer does not want to outsource material offshore, any agency will want to make its products available to a global audience. Interpreters are often employed to introduce foreign audiences to the products that the manufacturers intend to distribute.

5. Banking & Finance

Clear communication is a critical part of the banking & finance industry. Due to the largely globalized economy that we live in, financial institutions and banks are often required to interact with clients across the world.

While English is one of the best languages to work out financial transactions, better communication with clients with different language skills is essential.

Interpreters facilitate conversations via video conferences, teleconferences, and in-person meetings. When choosing an interpreter for this industry, it is important to ensure that the professional has all the relevant skills and knowledge to interpret clearly.

An interpreter in the banking & finance industry should also specialize in different terminologies, concepts, and business categories.

6. Tourism & Leisure

As the tourism industry is beginning to see an increase in economic activity, organizations in the sector are looking to take advantage of the starved market. One of the best ways to achieve this is by employing interpretation services.

Interpretation services in the tourism industry similar to the services of a guide can allow tourists and clients to make the most of their travel experience. Interpreters often help tourists navigate different rules, cultural beliefs, and ideologies in a new country.

As a result, interpreters contributing to the tourism & leisure industry need a concrete understanding of the host country and its culture. This ensures that tourists enjoy their stay while adhering to local customs and practices.

In each of the above-specified industries, interpretation services can be leveraged to turn cultural obstacles into opportunities, boost global business partnerships, and overcome trade hurdles.

At Language Services Bureau, we recognize the significant role that professional interpreters play in assuring clear communication amongst different parties. This is why we offer highly-specialized interpretation services delivered by professionals with years of experience in the industry.

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