Everything in our contemporary digital environment is reused and shared, from lectures to business meetings. As a result, transcription has a crucial demand from many different businesses and organizations. Transcription creates a textual footprint for your business to increase ranking and overall productivity.

You may not have noticed, but transcription is required in our day-to-day activities! Here are some instances of how transcribing is now interwoven in a variety of activities of industries:

Media and Entertainment Content

Transcription facilitates the creation and consumption of spoken content across all media types, from major events to personal podcasts.

Transcription services are required to produce closed captions or subtitles. Transcripts help in time-coding the content that is said at specific points in the video. It helps maintain the timing of closed captions or subtitles appearing on the screen.

Academic Content

Universities, colleges, and schools employ transcription to improve the quality of the means of instruction, increase resource accessibility, and provide students with accessible copies of lectures and seminars. A transcript of the audio or video classes can be saved for future use, making it simple to refer back to any particular segment.

Legal Content

Professionals in the legal field record testimony of witnesses, claimants, and other parties involved. This recorded testimony is then transcribed to create legally binding documentation.


Reporters gather information by conducting numerous interviews, which they later transcribe into easily accessible written material. Transcription is a tool that lets the journalist concentrate on their interview and obtain the most accurate information without bothering to take down notes.

Market research

UX interviews with the target audience should be documented and analyzed like any other interview. To provide accurate, accessible documentation of what was said and to analyze conclusions, researchers compile recordings from focus groups and interviews, which are then transcribed. This input is priceless and helps develop present-day and future products or services.

What Are The Benefits Of Having Your Content Transcribed?

Transcripts Directly Improve SEO Scores

The SEO score is improved whenever audio or video content is transcribed, for podcasts, webinars, and videos, and these transcripts are posted alongside the original audio or video content. Pages that include transcripts alongside their media files see an increase in revenue of roughly 16%. YouTube videos with transcripts receive approximately 8% more views than those without transcripts.

Transcripts make your brand accessible

Audience have access to audio content. Transcription is essential, as it offers accessibility options to people with hearing impairments. It strengthens corporate social responsibility and boosts brand image. It provides an opportunity to introduce unique services to a previously untapped market. Transcripts improve user experience

Before watching or listening to a video or audio file, many viewers prefer to scan the transcript. With a transcript in place, you can give your visitors a preview of what your video is about, and as a result, you might attract a few new viewers. Transcripts make it simpler for viewers to go back and find a particular passage by skimming the text rather than a whole audio or video clip.

In conclusion,

Finding the finest transcribing solution for your particular needs can take time and effort with many available options. We at Language Services Bureau can assist you in getting the most out of your audio and video files with our comprehensive knowledge and experience in transcribing.

Language Services Bureau can address all your transcription and translation needs. We take great pride in providing the highest-caliber language services to our clients and are keen to see them succeed in the digital era.

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