Why Companies Will Benefit From Website Localization Services

Language localization is more than merely translating the content of a mobile app or website into a new language. It entails considering the distinctive social and cultural nuances and sensitivities that make the consumer feel safe and secure when using or purchasing the business product or service in his own language.

Language localization is critical in a country like India, where there is a rich diversity of regions, dialects, states, and cultures, because not every Indian feels comfortable with English.

Language Diversity in India

According to the Census of India (2011), 121 languages are spoken in India. Out of these, 22 are scheduled languages, which can be awarded official status by their respective states, and they are used for administrative tasks, or used in state legislatures; the remaining 99 are non-scheduled languages.

Commonly Spoken Languages

People who claim Hindi to be their mother tongue account for approximately 52.83 crore of the population. Bengali is a distant second in terms of speaker strength, with approximately 9.72 crore speakers. Marathi, Telugu, and Tamil are close behind, with 8.30, 8.11, and 6.90 crores speakers, respectively.

Language Localization Essentials

Are you specifically targeting the Indian market? Here are five essentials for securing successful Indian language localization that you must consider:

  • Strategy: Create a strategy for reaching the target market, user base, and native languages.
  • Technological Support: Partner with a technology vendor who can help you maximize your company's scalability and profitability.
  • Scope of Content to be Translated: Determine whether the content to be translated is static or dynamic within the app or website software. Live translation is required for content on a website or mobile app that needs to be regularly updated.
  • Customer Experience: The translated text, as well as the visual layout and typefaces, should all work together to give the user an easy-to-use experience.
  • Plans and Budgeting: A company must determine the scope and scale of its localization plans and budgets.

Indeed, when it comes to selecting a localization partner, the entire process of localizing to an Indian language does not have to be daunting, costly, or time-consuming.

The Benefits Of Localizing For The Indian Market

Here are some of the advantages of website localization or mobile app localization into an Indian languages:

  • A one-time localization effort provides significant benefits by allowing you to enter a market of over a billion individuals taking care of linguistic, cultural, and commercial aspects of the contents.
  • It helps the Consumer to know about the service or a product better. Therefore, it increases the Customer base and thereby the sales. Customer retention rises when the availability of a multilingual website or mobile app boosts consumer trust in the services supplied.
  • Indian, as well as International languages, can be added to the multilingual website or mobile app. This would give the company an international reach as well as a domestic one.

The potential for company growth in the diverse Indian market is enormous and will be a great opportunity to tap a huge potential market and seek new clients for domestic and International enterprises. With each new Indian language introduced to a firm's digital platform, the company may better communicate with its potential customers.

When a company adds a new language to its platform, the quality of its customer care greatly improves. Expertly communicating in the native language of the target audience helps to ensure an optimal buying experience for the consumer, which is required for the growth of the Company in India.

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