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Workshop on Interpretation

On 27th of February 2019, Language Services Bureau held a workshop on interpretation at MCCIA (Tilak road). Interpretation, or spoken language translation essentially breaks down the language barrier and ensures smooth flow of communication without any loss on information.

Mrs. Bhatia, our guest speaker, has over 30 years of experience in interpretation and another 10 years in teaching.

Over 65 people from all walks of life attended the workshop. Mrs. Devaki Kunte delivered the opening address to welcome all the guests.

Mrs. Datar, the founder of Language Services Bureau shared the challenges and situations she faced while interpreting for clients followed by some funny stories.

Devaki also talked about her experiences as an interpreter and the skill sets required to excel as one. Mrs. Bhatia opened by asking all the members to introduce themselves and list the languages they knew.

Through role plays, Devaki and Mrs. Bhatia highlighted the importance of training in interpretation, and how untrained people cannot do a proper job, since they can work on the gist of the message but not the entire message, as a lot of information is lost in interpretation.

Mrs. Bhatia then went on to explain how general knowledge also plays an important role in interpretation and how one must be up to date with events news, trends and technologies.

She then explained the different types of interpretation with live exercises, i.e.

  • Simultaneous Interpretation.
  • Consecutive interpretation.
  • Whispering interpretation
  • Sight translation

She proceeded to share some instances during her time as an interpreter highlighting the importance and benefits of accurate interpretation and also sharing some funny instances like how typical accents need to be understood by an interpreter to avoid embarrassing situations. She concluded her speech by explaining how the need for interpretation is growing in the Indian economy and how there aren’t enough people to provide the service. The event was then concluded by Mrs. Kunte who delivered the closing address and thanked all the attendees.

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