Success doesn’t depend only on good products and services, it's also about the look and feel of the content that promotes these products.
We live in a world of fierce competition, both locally and globally. According to Nielsen Media Research, there are over 500,000 brands in more than 2,000 product categories worldwide. Against that kind of competitive environment, a good organization must improve the appearance of their content and provide them with an attractive design that fits the identity of their brand and delivers that brand's message to customers, prospects, investors, business partners, and other stakeholders. But how can this be accomplished? Let Language Services Bureau take it over!

Majority of people believe that translation is only a language endeavour. They are, however, ignorant of the technical complexities and non-linguistic abilities necessary to efficiently translate a text from one language to another, whether for online usage or publishing. You may be wondering what DTP has to do with translation! Before we go any further, let's understand what Multimedia DTP means.

What is Multi-lingual DTP?

Multilingual DTP or Multilingual Desktop Publishing delivers translation services along with formatting, design, and layout services for the translated content, along with the final proofreading step to provide "Ready to Print Multilingual Documents." With this crucial service, your company will have complete control over how the material is prepared and presented – from layout to graphics to the actual body of text – and every aesthetic aspect may be adjusted to appeal to whatever demographic you're targeting to top it all, in all the languages and geographies you are targetting!


  • We work in any file type and format
  • We support complex languages and complicated characters
  • We optimise the outcome as we have in-house language experts and DTP specialists
  • We help you save time, money and resources considering all services are available under one roof

How Does Multi-lingual DTP Help?

Multi-lingual DTP is not a luxury, it is a necessity, especially if your company publishes material, either printed or online, for multilingual audiences that speak various languages and have diverse interests.

There are several advantages to adopting multilingual desktop publishing services for businesses of all sizes, especially when handled by a competent partner. Let us have a look at a few of them.

1. Layouts that are visually appealing

Venngage polled 200 marketers and discovered that 25% planned to spend up to 30% of their marketing budget on creating visual content. While visual information is widely consumed online, it is also necessary for offline marketing.

The labels, pamphlets, periodicals, and brochures of a company all contribute to its consistent branding. This is why we've come to recognise, and identify prominent businesses based on their visual features — colours, logos, font size, font colour, and so on. For example, when you see a certain shade of purple, your mind immediately thinks 'Cadbury!' or 'Hersheys' when you see a certain shade of brown.

2. Reduced Costs

Partnering with a competent multilingual desktop publishing services provider eliminates the need to invest in DTP equipment (printers and PCs), advanced pricey software and its frequent upgrades, or DTP designers and pros. You'll save money on production while using your partner's high-quality desktop publishing capabilities.

3. Customizable Documents

One of the most significant benefits is the ability to customize. Assume your firm wants to employ a specific design but wants to make some alterations to satisfy demands or represent the personality of the brand. What if your company wants to improve and modify any form of document to target a specific audience, such as a graph, flyer, press release, catalogue, newsletter, menu, proposal, timetable, and so on? This is one of the benefits of multilingual desktop publishing!

4. In-house Templates

One of the most important aims for every successful firm is to have a strong brand identity. Multilingual desktop publishing allows your company's marketers to utilise an existing template or design that best represents your brand. Of course, this saves far more time than having to create fresh copies of marketing material on a regular basis.

Furthermore, with this fantastic service, your marketers may always get an ad, email, or brochure template created which helps to maintain your brand's uniqueness in the hearts and minds of clients.

5. Easy Revisions

You may quickly make changes to your designs - like when your organization want to update the pricing or address on an advertisement. This saves both time and money.

Every item linked with your brand contributes to your overall image and influences purchasing decisions, business collaborations, and so on. Typographical errors, poor layout, and erroneous translation may erode your brand's reputation and client loyalty. Multilingual desktop publishing gives accurate, culturally correct, and professional information to your clients, customers, and partners, and can aid in the development of trust and influence.

The professionals at Language Services Bureau are not only exceptional translators, but we also have specialist staff with the technical knowledge needed to deal with DTP software. So, whether you’re working in Corel Draw or Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Indesign or Framemaker we can provide ready-to-print text with the perfect structure. Your catalogues, brochures, and manuals may now be translated into several languages - simply provide us with the content and artwork, and we will do the rest!

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