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So many terms and so much confusion!! :D

At Language Services Bureau, we handle many requirements of “Certified Translation Services” of official documents on a daily basis. But that does not mean LSB is certified to do such translations!!

As a matter of fact, no agency is “Certified/authorized/approved” by the Indian government to provide certified/official/authorized translations in any Indian or international language.

And what about “Sworn translator”, a concept which exists in some European, South American countries and the US?

According to Wikipedia, in some countries, it is a requirement that a translator swears on oath to attest that a translated document is the legal equivalent of the source text for translations of evidentiary documents. In some cases, the translation is only accepted as a legal equivalent if it is accompanied by the original or a sworn or certified copy of it.

A sworn translator needs to have different qualifications, requirements to be fulfilled and has to apply to various authorities granting the status of sworn translator, depending on the languages he/she works in and the country in which the documents are to be submitted.

However, such “sworn translations/translators” do not exist in India.

Another recurring requirement from our clients is that of notarized affidavits to be submitted along with the translation. Such affidavits are to be made and signed by the translator to confirm that the translations are done by him/her on a stamp paper. This affidavit is then signed by a notary regardless of the fact that he/she does not even know the source and/or target language(s). It is therefore quite clear that such an exercise is quite futile since the authenticity and correctness of the translation cannot be checked by the notary!

Language Services Bureau is the first Language Service Provider in India to start providing “Certified translations”. “Certified” means, our translations are provided on our letterhead, with our stamp, signature and certification that mentions that it is us/our translator who has done the translation. Sometimes, for translation into a foreign language, we also need to put in a disclaimer.

We provide “Certified” translation of documents like

  • Birth Certificates, Death Certificates, Marriage Certificate, Divorce Certificates,
  • Academic degrees, Diplomas, Course Certificates
  • Custom documents
  • Driver’s licenses, Citizenship Cards, Passports, Ration cards, Visa copies, Residence permits
  • CVs, Bank statements, Tax Receipts, TDS certificates, Experience Certificates, Salary Certificates
  • Utility bills (Electricity Bill, Landline/Mobile Phone Bill, Credit Card Bill, etc.)
  • Land related documents (Registration, 7/12 extracts or RTC extracts)
  • Wills, Sale Deeds, Partnership Deeds
  • Prescriptions, Medical Reports

Thousands of documents translated by us have been accepted at various schools, government offices, banks, universities, consulates and embassies in India as well as in foreign countries for three and a half decades! Yet this does not guarantee that our translation will be accepted every time and everywhere. This is because every office, consulate, embassy, or university will have its own set of rules for acceptance of translations .. which may even change with time!

It is always safer to ask about the terms and conditions of acceptance of certified translations wherever the document needs to be submitted before ordering a translation. This way, one saves much effort, money and time.

LSB offers certified translation in three different service offerings:

  • Regular delivery
  • Next day delivery
  • Same day delivery

Quotations are provided after going through the document for translation.

Translation charges depend on:

  • volume
  • language pair
  • file format
  • delivery timeframe.

Payment options are easy too!

  • Cash
  • Bank transfer
  • Cheque

Once a draft translation is accepted, it is finalized and can be sent by courier to the address of the one's choice upon payment of courier charges.

So, all in all, LSB can surely help you translate your official documents in any language combination, whether from Assamese to French, from Dutch to English or from Malayalam to Hindi! You just need to verify if our translation will be acceptable wherever the document is to be submitted!

Get in touch with us today on our email id or call us on:

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