A treasure trove of free online multilingual books for kids and learners of all ages.
Amid the lockdown and unlock phases, the overall uncertain situation due to COVID 19, online schooling, lack of recreation and outings, here is a great resource for children all over the world!
Storyweaver is a not-for-profit Indian portal where children of all ages can read online books free of cost! And that too in multiple languages – 257 languages and counting! The 20000+ stories can be sorted as per language, level, categories, publishers and types too. They have also provided a reading program in Hindi, English and French which is a read along program to help children read well.
This is also a great tool for language training to use as learning aid – both for kids as well as adult learners!
It is also possible for translators to contribute through their portal by translating or proofreading stories!
It is a privilege for us to be able to contribute to the stupendous work they are doing for kids!
Kudoz to team Storyweaver !!

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