Multimedia Translation - Everything You Need to Know

Have you ever wondered what the real reason behind your appreciation for foreign movies and TV shows is? Apart from the skilful direction and gorgeous foreign actors, it quite simply is its availability into a language that is most preferred by you! The ability to appreciate foreign blockbusters like 'Amélie', 'Solaris' and 'Spirited Away’, comes from the audiovisual translation processes that have been integrated into these films.

Subtitling, dubbing, voice-over and lip-syncs, all a part of your audiovisual experience are collectively referred to as multimedia translation. Given the growing demand for several translation services across the world, multimedia translation has evolved and is a marketing need for a number of fields. From advertisements and theatres to televisions and cinema, multimedia translation is a key tool to understanding and communicating content.

To be able to understand how multimedia translation works, it is necessary to recognize the “modes” that audiovisual content is divided into. Let’s simplify this with a question - what makes a good story?

The beautiful musical themes, colours, images and perspectives of characters are all referred to as modes. All of these modes are combined seamlessly in different kinds of media to deliver an incredible audiovisual experience that you can thoroughly enjoy with a bucket of your favourite popcorn.

Let’s give you an example to help understand the complex business of multi-modal translation better. Consider Money Heist, a Spanish-origin Netflix series that has taken the world by storm. Every episode of this beloved show can be broken down into phases, shots and frames. Each frame is analyzed for all modalities present and then translated to give you content that can be appreciated in the language of your comfort.

Spanish into English translation has enabled reach to a greater global audience, resulting in guaranteed success.

The audiovisual translation services offered by Language Services Bureau include:

  • Dubbing - Dubbing services are provided by professional voice actors who mimic the tone, expression of the actor and provide lip-sync on screen in a different language.
  • Voice-Over - Voice-over is a post-production technique in which a disembodied voice broadcasts in film, television or radio, for original as well as foreign languages.
  • Subtitling - One of the most popular and appreciated services, subtitling is translating the dialogue spoken and audio content into written content in an original/foreign language and providing it on screen. These subtitles usually appear at the bottom of the screen for easier reading.

The Benefits of Multimedia Translations

One of the key advantages of undertaking multimedia translation services is the ability to effectively communicate with a target audience. This promotes market penetration, allowing the development of awareness of a brand.

Coupled with localization, multimedia translation can cater to the needs of target audiences. This allows for the message to be delivered smoothly and efficiently.

The Applications of Multimedia Translations

  • Business Marketing
    Your business is the culmination of all of your efforts, time and energy. However, if you are not able to reach your target audience, you might not see the results you expect.

    Multimedia translation services come in handy here for a number of media such as video and photo sharing, podcasting and mobile marketing. This can help build awareness of your brand, leaving a powerful impact.
  • Understanding Different Cultures
    If K-Pop and K-Dramas have piqued your curiosity about the Korean culture, translation services can only help you understand and explore the unknown easily.

    Opting for professional multimedia translation services from reputed agencies like Language Services Bureau can enable the translation of content for consumers as well as employees.
  • Healthcare
    As explained, multimedia is the integration of different modes like video, text, audio and images. Hence AV translation can easily explain some clinical procedures/FAQ/patient interviews in a different language. Translation of content can enable the improvement of lives across the world, fostering wellness.

    An example of this is - nurses can learn how to incorporate different procedures into their individual practices with multimedia translations.
  • E-Learning
    Multimedia translation is also used to a great extent in e-learning! Students can opt to undertake online courses in the language of their preference. There is no limit on languages for the course as students can opt to translate the content into a language that they most comprehend. A lecturer’s voice can also be dubbed or translated into a preferred language for the student.

Given the highlighted advantages and benefits of multimedia translation, it becomes essential to choose the right agency for your preferred services.

Language Services Bureau offers a range of specialized professionals in the field of audiovisual multimedia translation -we are adept at working with different languages, delivering fool-proof top quality content. With years of expertise, knowledge and experience, we provide affordable and high-quality translation services for all of your needs!

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