Multilingual animated videos about Corona for increasing awareness in various communities

When the Corona infection started, we had little idea of what is going on and how it will affect us. Now, our entire country is under lockdown, and we all are forced to be inside our homes for last several weeks. In these tough times, we all are making our contributions to fight against this deadly virus by staying inside our homes. It is also amazing to see how even the countries around the world are coming together and helping each other in this crisis. The countries are helping each other in various ways, in terms of money, medicines, medical equipment etc. Amidst this, here is a unique example of fight against COVID. The Netherlands is known for its world-class healthcare system. A company from Netherlands and India together has created series of animated videos related to Corona. They are making their contribution towards this corona fight by bringing the information to each other’s countries by these videos. We provided language support for translation of these videos into Hindi and Marathi – also available in English and Spanish. These videos are built in a way that makes it very easy to understand by “health illiterates”, low literates and illiterates. You can view all these videos here at .

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