Media Translation

Also known as Audio-visual translation as it involves translation of AV content, (multi) media localisation/translation demand has picked up in recent years. A service that was mainly used for films, theatre, advertisement campaigns and events is now required by all businesses- large and small, considering the frequent AV content shared by companies on their social media handles, websites, presentations and vlogs! According to a study about video statistics, website visitors stay longer to view videos, and are 64% more likely to buy the product! In addition, a recent report by Common Sense Advisory states that 70% consumers are more likely to buy through websites/apps localized in their language, thus making AV localization an absolute must.

Engaging and interesting multimedia content is now essential for all marketing budgets! Localization helps this content reach the target public with the right kind of changes not just to the language, but also the images, graphics, currencies, cultural sensitivities, etc.

The first step to localising multimedia content is transcription, to obtain the message/content to translate. A few applications of multimedia localization are:

  • Sub-titling
  • Voice-over
  • Dubbing

In India, considering high illiteracy, increasingly affordable internet connections with high speeds, attractive smartphone prices, multimedia content in Indian languages is being consumed much more than textual content and hence we see more and more requests of localizing such AV content.

Just as a quick example of such assignments, in an on-going project we provide presentation translations, content writing, transcription, and sub-titling of videos targeted towards farmers in order to promote an app that helps them plan sowing cycles, fertilizer and insecticide/pesticide application as per the weather conditions and age of the plant!

We see more and more diversity in the Indian language pairs we work on, where the source/target languages are no longer only English or Hindi, but other regional languages like Marathi, Telugu, Kannada, Gujarati in multiple combinations. Businesses can thus reach out to a multitude of states and target similar customers in various parts of India.

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