Marathi translation course

Language Service Bureau collaborated with Rajya Marathi Vikas Sanstha which is part of the Marathi Bhasha Department of the Maharashtra Government, to offer Marathi Translation course in April- May 2019.

A batch of 13 students were selected after an entrance exam thattested their language and translation capacities in both English and Marathi.

The 40 hour weekend course included linguistic basics of translation, word formation, grammatical analysis, lexical analysis, comparative analysis between a text and its translation, use of dictionaries and reference material, project management, formatting, Computer Aided Translation tools, etc. Language professors, professionals and translators were invited for the course.

The trainees were provided with texts for translation from English to Marathi, from various genres – literature, government documents, app text, etc. They were also trained in typing tools and fonts for Marathi to increase their output speed.

After the course, some trainees underwent an internship with LSBwith real projects and timelines.

The course was appreciated by all the trainees and was very beneficial to them as an introduction into Translation as a Career.

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