What is audio-visual transcription?

We all consume a lot of content on a regular basis and with the recent preference for media content, most of this content is in video and audio format - for example, Youtube discourses or podcasts, multimedia content is easy to access. But maintaining a written record of this can be a difficult task. Interviews, reports, conferences and more need written material to work on after the events. This is where transcription comes into the picture. Simply put, transcription audio to text conversion.

Transcribing a recording or a video is a high-expertise process that includes paying attention to the audio, exploring the subject, understanding the unique circumstance and composing it precisely into text. Transcription can be accurate, in exactly the same words as the multimedia content (word for word) or the transcriptionist can tweak and change specific pieces for grammatical accuracy as per specific types - Verbatim transcription, edited transcription, intelligent verbatim transcription, etc .

How does audio-visual Transcription work?

Transcription is done by a professional expert. The technique utilized relies upon the expected use. From writing captions to penning down speeches, the timing of the base material is of utmost importance. Transcribers have to follow the time-stamp of the original document and make sure they don’t exceed it. This proves tricky as colloquial speech is very different from the written word. Accommodating changes without hampering accuracy is the main job of a transcriber.

Variables that impact the process -

The complete time it takes to decipher a recording relies upon a few elements. Let us investigate the key factors that influence time required.

The subject -
Any job that requires the examination of spelling and terms takes more time to interpret. For example, an extended meeting regarding the subject matter of college training would most likely take an accomplished transcriber 4 hours to complete 1 hour of audio. Whereas, a one-hour meet on clinical preliminaries for hepatocarcinoma would likely require 6 hours or more to transcribe. In such a case the transcriber would have to cross verify the clinical terms to guarantee the right spelling.

Different Speakers -
Transcription with numerous speakers is tricky and thus requires expertise and accuracy. Charges for transcribing audios with numerous speakers are higher. For example, a gathering with 5-10 individuals talking quickly and regularly over one another is difficult to decipher and then pen down whereas a one-speaker speech is fairly straightforward.

Sound Quality -
Outdoor recordings or audio made without using proper equipment typically have background commotion or 'reverberation'. These projects require extra attention to comprehend everything being said.

Transcription Type -
The type of transcription characterizes how accurate the work will be. The verbatim and true verbatim styles are the most used. True verbatim is highly detailed that requires every little detail like laughter, ambient sounds, etc, on the recording to be transcribed. This style takes much more time than say intelligent verbatim where all these details are left out while transcribing.

When do you need transcription?

There are many scriptwhen the record of video or sound substance is required. Here are the reasons to transcribe and advantages of accurate transcriptions -

  • Transcribe for the hard of hearing or nearly deaf.
  • Transcribe for voice over services.
  • Transcribe for translation purposes
  • Transcribe for captions or closed captions.

SEO Benefits

Did you know that transcribing content such as podcasts, webinars and videos and posting them alongside your other content can boost SEO for your website? Studies published on LinkedIn found that pages with transcripts earned on average 16% more revenue than they did before transcripts were added. This goes to show that adding transcripts generated more traffic, which in turn resulted in more revenue. YouTube videos that added captions gained 7.32% more overall views.

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