For the past two years, Language Services Bureau has conducted an annual Essay Writing Competition. This competition aims at creating awareness among the youth as well as their parents about the different career opportunities in the field of languages. It also helps facilitate awareness about different current issues concerning the environment and current affairs. The participants are given topics relating to these issues. They are motivated to write their essays not only in English but in Hindi and Marathi as well. This way they can choose their language of comfort and it evokes interest in writing and languages, which is not a favored career option for many.
This year almost 40 participants registered from various colleges and schools and from different locations like Mumbai, Nashik, from Maharashtra and we had participants from as far as Orissa, Rajasthan and Netherlands! We received a wide range of creative essays from these students mostly in English and Marathi.
Sananta Tuljapurkar at School level, Sira Rahul Athale at College level, and Priyanka More from the Open category won the first prizes for their essays in the Marathi category. Shubhan Khairnar at school level, Khushi Goyal at the college level, and Sheetal Lodha from the open category won the first prize for their essays in the English category.
The winners were offered a counselling session on careers in languages and their importance, as well as our Orientation to Translation Course, free of charge.

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