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Our blog of last month provided details about Careers in Languages, where knowledge of languages is essential. This month, we will cover other professions where knowledge of a language is considered as an added advantage.

Multilingual DTP

DTP means desktop publishing - Desktop publishers use computer software to design page layouts for newspapers, books, brochures, and other items that are printed or put online. When a document is bilingual or multilingual, it helps if the DTP programmer has knowledge in the other languages as well else he/she might inadvertently cut off words, or delete sentences! Language experts are specially called in to “proofread/edit” such work but if the DTP specialist knows the language concerned it saves time and cost!

Multilingual SEO

SEO is search engine optimization - The process of promoting a website to the top rankings of Search Engines is called SEO and when it's happening on a multilingual site, we call it “multilingual SEO”. Multilingual SEO is part of Digital Marketing and requires much beyond knowing the language only – it also involves knowing the target culture, internet behaviors of the regional population and the differences in dialects of different regions speaking the same language. There are other related profiles like content management, social media management, pay per click (PPC) like Google Ads, e-commerce, etc. Multilingual SEO consultants should know 3-4 languages and have expertise in programming, search engine optimization, social media marketing and sales.

BPO support

Business Process Outsourcing, in short, is BPO. It is the sub-contracting of a business process or operation (mostly back office processes like customer care, call center, banking process, etc.). The requirement of language experts has grown leaps and bounds, not only for foreign languages but Indian regional languages like Bengali, Tamil, Malayalam, etc. Linguistic support is required for various jobs like data entry, voice calls, non-voice processes, management, banking, billing, chat process, etc.

Travel industry - Airport support staff (air host/hostess or ground host/hostess)

  • Knowing a foreign language along with 2 Indian languages is a must for cabin crew (air steward and air hostess) and for ground crew (who take care of ticketing) and customer care.
  • Linguistic licensed guides: The Ministry of Tourism, Government of India, grants licences to guides on a regional basis after fulfilling required conditions. Those fluent in French, German, Spanish, Korean, Russian, Japanese, Thai, Arabic, Hungarian, Polish, Hebrew and Chinese, as identified by the Ministry from time to time are approved under this category. Aspirant should be graduate from a recognized university, and have knowledge and fluency in a foreign language (besides English). Such licenses are provided on a state and national level.
  • Working in travel agencies for booking or as Tour Operator: There are various boutique agencies which cater to specific countries and niche areas like Indian culture/culinary/adventure trips which require persons knowing those specific languages.
  • Logistics officers, holiday consultant, staff in cruises, hotels, etc. all require some foreign language knowledge.
  • Diplomatic service abroad

    An IFS officer, after having cleared his exams has to learn a compulsory foreign language after which he is posted to the country to which the langue is a native one. He/she then has to develop proficiency in the language and pass an examination so as to continue his services.

    Hospitality - Hotel Management

    The history of French gastronomy (simply, the art and science of good eating) goes back centuries. Hotel management courses therefore always have a French language introductory course. It teaches you how to pronounce dish names correctly and is also helpful when learning how to make wines, spirits, cigars, etc.


    IT has been the major game-changer for the Indian economy for about 2 decades now – considering the stricter visa norms in the US and market conditions, it is imperative for software companies to expand their business to non-English speaking countries. There is a massive requirement for foreign language speaking IT staff – in fact a perk of about 20% is offered to such candidates, as per an article published in Hindustan Times. Even coordinators or manager level staff need language skills to coordinate projects off shore. Current top 3 languages in demand for IT are Mandarin, Japanese and German, according to the same article. Of course, other languages have scope too, depending on the company one is working for!


    Global MNCs and IT companies require managerial staff to know a foreign language native to the parent company. In fact, in most management colleges today, there exists a credit for foreign language too!


    Journalism syllabus already has a focus on language skills. In addition, another Indian/foreign language is important since journalists regularly translate articles from other languages for their publications. Foreign correspondents can make use of their foreign language skills while reporting and hence it becomes a crucial skill for them.

    Language skills come in very handy and promise a better future for those boasting of good linguistic command. Contact us today to know more about our crash-course training for various international languages.

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