Have you ever made a purchase on the basis of a product description or have clicked on an article because of the brief paragraph below its title? The world of Digital Marketing is full of summaries! To focus heavily on keywords for search engine optimization, the content has to be crisp and short, with a punch. This is where Summarization becomes important

Readers appreciate concise content as it delivers quality information in fewer words. A summary gives readers a glimpse of what you offer in a service, or product. You can compile the main ideas, goals, and keywords if you're writing a summary for digital marketing. But what are the benefits of summarization? It has a lot to offer in different domains of (Online) Marketing. In this article, we will share the benefits and types of text summarization.


A descriptive summary is very much rooted in expressing facts. It focuses on the essence of the item under review, sharing the main point and any important supporting details. The writer’s opinion is rarely found in a descriptive summary. It is a concise description of the work, which means the writer uses as few words as possible to convey the essential elements of the item being summarized.


Just like the word suggests, this type of summary requires the writer to evaluate the item being summarized. This classification of a summary is opinion-heavy. While a few basic facts about the piece are required, such as the author and the title, and the main point of the piece, the rest comprises the summary writer’s viewpoints of the work. The author will detail his or her perception of the work in such areas as the intended audience and purpose need, and how well these are addressed in the work. The person evaluating the item will also look at how this item will be useful to him or her and examine where it falls short. As the types and frequency of examination found in the evaluative summary may involve extensive explanation, it will very likely be longer than the typical descriptive summary.

Where Summarization can be used for Marketing

Engaging descriptions

Feature writing and product review writing are essential parts of affiliate marketing. The product review requires more of a personal opinion with a brief and direct overview of a product or service. Therefore, writers have implemented text summarization practices to provide an overview of a product or service. The idea is to remain direct and engaging by skipping all the formal and unwanted information that comes with the product. In this way, the readers will feel less like reading a brochure and more like reading an opinion of a product user.

Catchy Intros

Introductions of your marketing content hold a significant role in elaborating the content of an article. The intro of your marketing content like the ‘About Us’ page, ‘Blog’ Pages, and ‘Services’ pages, gives the idea about the rest of the article, which is why the audience mainly focuses on this section to find the answer to their queries. If the content is not providing enough information in an effective/creative way, the visitor may leave the page, increasing the dwell time or bounce rate of your page. This is not suitable for content marketing. Therefore, writers can use summaries to highlight key points on the webpage.

Featured Snippet Answers

Featured snippets are another essential part of Content Marketing. Online marketing heavily relies on search engine optimization and rankings. The higher someone ranks, the faster they'll make a sale. Here, featured snippet answers provide a shortcut to rank at the top. The search engine takes a section of concise answers from your content that provides a direct answer for the user's query and places your site on the top of the search results. It's the best approach to gaining organic traffic and leading in the competitive online market.

How Language Services Bureau Can Help

In Conclusion, Text summarization is a good practice for compiling a lot of information in fewer words. Summarization makes it easier for the audience to understand the information more conveniently. It supports almost every digital marketing domain.

Language Services Bureau offers summarization services in over 120 languages. Our experts understand the need for accuracy and thus, research industry-specific jargon before starting any project. Once we are well-versed in the industry-specific language, we go ahead with our summaries.

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