The global economy is growing exceptionally and is quite intricately interconnected with technology and travel. The boom in corporate and social opportunities has resulted in the need for individuals with different language backgrounds (or with the relevant language skills).

Post the COVID-19 pandemic; several education institutions worldwide were forced to move learning procedures online. As a result, there has been a significant increase in the daily usage of language learning tools and language study strategies.

Research company Technavio has predicted that the global language learning market is estimated to reach a total valuation of USD 3.32 billion by 2024. Therefore, having the relevant language skills is one of the best ways to claim your seat on the bandwagon to incredible and lucrative professional opportunities.

Research has also revealed that foreign language learning is an excellent tool to ensure global competence.

If you are considering stepping into language learning, here are 3 reasons why this is a steadily growing field, both in importance and value!

What is the Importance of Language Studies in the 21st Century?

While English is the most widely spoken language globally, there is now a significant emphasis on learning new languages. Several institutions and educational facilities around the world have now included language studies as a central part of the curriculum.

The importance of language studies in the 21st century is as follows:

1. Professional Opportunities

English may be the most common language spoken in the world. However, statistics show that only 5% of the global population are native English speakers.

Engaging in learning a new language can be a great way to establish connections with individuals from different cultures and backgrounds. This can also significantly contribute to developing your network - a tool that is crucial in the corporate world. Learning a new language via regular language studies will ensure that you communicate as clearly and effectively as possible, regardless of where you are.

a. Professional Ventures

Reputed and recognized organizations globally lean towards hiring candidates who have good language skills ( not just limited to English).

Businesses worldwide are now seeking applicants who have the knowledge needed to navigate the global marketplace. Learning a new language can equip you with a wide range of relevant skills needed to pursue opportunities in the corporate world.

Language studies are essential in the modern global marketplace.

b. Gain a Competitive Edge

The current job market is oversaturated with highly qualified candidates. As a result, the competition for some of the best opportunities in the market is cut-throat, with very few candidates selected for excellent positions.

In an ultra-competitive market such as the one being experienced in current times, language studies are an excellent way to leverage your skills.

Having remarkable international language skills can give you a competitive edge over the other candidates. This is primarily because employers across the world seek professionals who can communicate without difficulties with overseas clients, customers, and target audiences.

2. Exhibit Motivation & Enthusiasm

Making language studies a regular part of your everyday routine is not easy. It takes a considerable amount of time, effort, and enthusiasm to master an unfamiliar language fully.

Therefore, studying languages and communicating the same with potential employers and connections is a great way to demonstrate your initiative.

Learning a new language can also help other professionals understand your career goals and where you aspire to be in the future.

3. Learning of New Cultures

Without a doubt, the ability to communicate clearly and effectively in another language can be a great way to immerse yourself in new cultures. This opens a plethora of opportunities to explore, understand, and enjoy the history, food, and culture of people across the world.

Language studies have been proven to increase and support the development of tolerance, empathy, and acceptance of other cultures. These traits are crucial to creating a network of qualified, skilled, and people-oriented professionals.


Finally, speaking in a new language is key to navigating through uncharted territories confidently. Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone to learn a new language and interact in a different tongue can be an excellent way to develop confidence in your communication abilities.

Learning a new language is also a great way to enhance your memory, creative thinking capacity, verbal & spatial abilities, and problem-solving skills. Combined, these traits and behaviors can help you interact with individuals from different backgrounds clearly and smoothly.

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