The poor quality of translations/subtitles from Hindi to English or from Kannada to English became very popular in the meme culture among the youth and is a sensation on the internet. Due to the cultural differences between the two languages, the western and the eastern culture, many a times, the essence of the movie and the message wasn’t clear to the audience.
Despite all these hurdles, we witness times changing when movies like “Parasite”, “Les Misérables”, “Slumdog Millionaire”, “Lagaan” and many more leave their own mark in the international film market in spite of the not so commonly understood languages in which they were created. This rising interest boosts language companies and the localization industry altogether.
The demand for captioning or subtitling online content and media available in various Indian languages as well as in English, has increased dramatically in the last few years. India is growing rapidly, especially when it comes to technology and internet. Internet usage in the country has shifted away from English-language content, and towards local Indian languages (with the booming OTT/web series market). In fact, most internet adoption is now happening among non-English speakers. This surge has led directly to an increase in multimedia localization majorly into English and other local Indian languages.
A lot of Indians prefer watching content created in different languages and this increases the demand for either dubbing or subtitling, the latter being a favorite. They prefer having this content translated into English over any other local language. Language companies and studios provide these services although translating a feature film or web series or any other online content into another language without losing the essence of it is a tedious task. The movie makers and the content providers have recently started realizing the importance of subtitles while publishing content. Earlier, films were released without subtitles. Today, the picture has changed. Once a privilege has now become a standard practice.

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